‘The One We Fell in Love With’ by Paige Toon


Phoebe is caught between a rock and a hard place. Settle down and get married, or return to the French Alps to pursue her passion?

Eliza is in love with someone who is no longer hers. In fact, he probably never was… And her dream of becoming a successful musician seems to be vanishing before her eyes.

Rose is out of a job and out of a boyfriend. To make matters worse,she’s been forced to move back in with her mother…

But these very different girls have one thing in common. Angus. The one they fell in love with…

Paige Toon never fails to disappoint, I have read most of her books and I have to say this is my favourite so far. Just from looking at the beautiful cover , I knew this was going to be an amazing read. As soon as I started reading it I was hooked.

I loved how the girls even though they were identical triplets -their personalities were so different. Phoebe came across as adventurous , Rose came across as very mature for her age and Eliza was so down to earth. Their relationships with one another was so realistic, they didn’t all get on at all times (I am one of 3 sisters and can totally relate to this, if myself and my middle sister are getting along , then my older sister and middle sister are not getting on). Paige wrote their relationships between one another perfect as when there is 3 of you one always feels left out.  I liked all of the triplets but I felt drawn to Eliza and sometimes felt sorry for her. I loved the character Angus and wished he was a triplet so each of the girls could have had their own Angus. All of the characters were so well written and described that I had a clear picture of each of them in my head whilst reading.

The storyline was fantastic, just when I thought I knew what was going to happen, the plot totally changed and left me gobsmacked ! All the way throughout the story this is how it was – really unpredictable which keeps you in suspense and wanting to read more. As I got closer to the end though I didn’t want the story to end so I did slow down reading it. I shed a few tears along the way which never normally happens to me whilst reading (another sign that this book was excellent).

This book made me feel blessed to have older sisters , we have shared so many fun times and are still close but it also made me realise that life is so short and things can change.

I would love to read more from these characters and I think that this would be a fantastic chick flick on the big screen. Thank you Paige Toon for writing such a beautiful, uplifting story that will stay with me forever xx






Remember My Name by Abbey Clancy


From the moment Liverpool teenager Jess stars in the school musical, she knows that she’s GOT to be a star. Fast forward a few years and the closest the now 22 year old Jessica has got to stardom is as a children’s entertainer – which is where she meets Jack , uncle to the spoiled 5 year old birthday princess who spots Jessica’s talent and offers her a job with a record label. But that means that she’ll have to leave her family and her home and move to London – where she quickly finds that the streets aren’t quite paved with gold. And as she spends her days making tea for bitchy PR girls and her night in a mouldy studio flat, Jessica wonders if leaving Liverpool for London has been a terrible mistake.Attending an industry party – unfortunately only to serve canapes – Jessica’s fortunes suddenly change when Vogue, the singer due to perform at the event drops out. Before she knows it, Jessica volunteers to stand in and takes centre stage. After a dazzling performance, she is surrounded by people wondering who this amazing new talent is. What’s more, her star turn has been captured by the press and she has become an overnight sensation.Plunged into the crazy world of glitz and glamour, Jessica’s life is transformed but as her star rises, she loses touch with her roots. Jessica’s teenage dreams of stardom may have come true, but at what cost?

I was unsure about this book when I began reading it, it was a bit of a slow starter, it would then pick up the pace and get gripping but then it would slow down again and the storyline would go off track a little but I stuck with it and I’m glad I did. Towards the end I could not put it down.

The characters were well written and well described that you could picture them , I always pictured Abbey Clancy herself as Jessy. I had mixed feelings about Jessy, at the beginning I really liked her, she came across as a normal woman trying to make their way in the world but then when Jack appeared , she changed and I started to dislike her for who she was becoming. Jack – I thought he was a rat right from the beginning and did not like him. I enjoyed reading the parts when Jessy’s family featured, they were all so down to earth.

I feel this book gives you a real insight into the life of a celebrity, when you see them on TV and in magazines you think it’s all glitter and diamonds but in reality I think it must be hard work, exhausting and I for one am so glad I’m just me, a normal woman  who can go out shopping without being hassled.

Thanks to Netgalley and Harlequin UK Ltd for accepting my request to read this book in return for a honest review.


After the Lie by Kerry Fisher



Your past will devastate your family. But your lies could destroy them. What would YOU do?

Sometimes a lie can split your life in two. There is “before”, and there is “after”. Try as you might – you can never go back.

When Lydia was a teenager, she made a decision that ruined her family’s life. They’ve spent the last thirty years living with the consequences and doing their best to pretend it never happened.

Lydia’s husband, the gorgeous and reliable Mark, and her two teenage children know nothing about that summer back in 1982. And that’s the way Lydia wants it to stay. The opportunity to come clean is long gone and now it’s not the lie that matters, it’s the betrayal of hiding the truth for so long.

When someone from the past turns up as a parent at the school gates, Lydia feels the life she has worked so hard to build slipping through her fingers. The more desperate she becomes to safeguard her family, the more erratic her behaviour becomes. But when the happiness of her own teenage son, Jamie, hangs in the balance, Lydia is forced to make some impossible decisions. Can she protect him and still keep her own secret – and if she doesn’t, will her marriage and family survive?

I received this book from Netgalley in return for a honest review and I can honestly say this book had me intrigued from the first page – I didn’t want to put it down and when I did because I had too not because I wanted to , I was constantly thinking of what might happen next.

The characters have been written and portrayed perfectly, I especially thought how Kerry wrote about Lydia and her mums relationship with each other was fantastic and so true – even when you are an adult your mum still treats you like a child but they do it to protect you – I can totally relate to this. I loved Mabel the dog, Mabel provided plenty of laugh out loud moments throughout the story- which I think was perfect as the story touches some sensitive cases.

The comparison between how Lydia dealt with things back in the 80’s  – no Facebook or any other social media , Polaroid camera , to how things are dealt with in the present day was written really well, social media can be a wonderful thing but at the same time can be the root to all evil.

This book made me feel lucky to have a wonderful husband who I can open up to. I really enjoyed this book and highly recommend it. I can’t wait to read Kerry’s next book.