Rapid Fire Book Tag

Rapid Fire Book Tag
Thanks to Vicki of cosy books.com for tagging me in the rapid fire book tag! I love doing anything like this and I love reading other people’s responses.

Ebooks or physical books?                                                              Both, I love my kindle because it means I can read at night without disturbing my sleeping hubby with the lamp on and I love physical books because I love to pass my books on to friends and my nan.

Hardbacks or Paperbacks ?                                                 Paperbacks, I find hardbacks too heavy when lying in bed to read 🙈 I sound like my nan !

Online or in-store book shopping?          
Online. Get better deals.
Trilogies or series?                                                                     Trilogies.
Heroes or villains?                                                                                      Heroes.
A book you want everyone to read?
A book I have just finished which I loved, ‘The Husband Who Redused to Die’ by Andrea Darby.
Recommend an underrated book.
Vanity by Lucy Lord.
The last book you finished?
The Husband Who Refused to Die by Andrea Darby.
Weirdest thing you used as a bookmark?
A tissue !!
Used books, yes or no?
Yes, a books a book.
Borrow or buy?
Characters or plot?
Both are important for a good book.
Long or short book?
Under 400 pages.
Long or short chapters?
Short, keeps me wanting more.
Name the first three books you think of?
The Husband Who Refused to Die – Andrea Darby.                    The Idea of You – Amanda Prowse.                                                Baby Be Mine – Paige Toon.
Books that make you laugh or cry?
Books very rarely make me cry, has to be a real sad one ! Laugh.
Our world or fictional worlds?
Our world.
Audiobooks : yes or no?
No, I like to read.
Do you ever judge a book by its cover?
Book to movie or book to TV adaptation?
A movie or TV adaptation you preferred over the book?
None you can’t beat the book.
Series or standalone?

So I’m tagging the following as I don’t think they’ve done it? (or if you have or just don’t want to- ignore me!)

Joanna Park

Kelly Spillane

Rebecca Pugh

and anyone else who wants to do it!



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