The Husband Who Refused to Die by Andrea Darby


Carrie’s no ordinary widow. Husband Dan has died unexpectedly and left behind an extraordinary wish – to be frozen. He believes his life’s simply been ‘suspended’, that he can come back … one day … when science has moved on. He’d hoped his wife would want to do the same. But she doesn’t.

Two years on, mum-of-one Carrie tentatively reconnects with an old boyfriend, who dramatic exit from her life has remained a painful mystery. But their romance is hampered by Carrie’s never-ending personal problems. 

After Dan’s story is resurrected in the news headlines, some distressing secrets from the past are revealed, and Carrie is taunted by someone with a serious grudge. 

But are the secrets true ? Will she discover who’s behind the malicious acts – and why ? Can Carrie find her own future ? 

My Review.

A truly unique story that explores cryogenics and the impact that it can have on loved ones. This story also covered an array of topics that we can all relate to at some point in our lives. There are lots of twists in this story that kept me coming back for more.

There is a great mix of characters in this story. I especially liked Carrie, who had a great sense of humour, even when her husband Dan told her he wanted to be frozen when he died, she asked him “Have you thought about being stuffed ? You’d make a great draught excluder for the French Windows”, this made me chuckle. Carrie didn’t agree with the cryogenics though and really struggled to grieve for Dan, as he wasn’t buried, so she couldn’t exactly class him as dead. I struggled to connect with Tash, Carrie’s work colleague – a woman that is into online dating and seemed to me as one of those women that couldn’t be without a man – I couldn’t keep up with who she was dating from one minute to the next ! I loved reading Sheena’s emails to Caarie and getting to know Sheena. I think a story about her life and more about Geoff would be a great read.

There was a funny part where Carrie accidentally put lemon foot cream on her face, this reminded me of the time I went swimming with primary school. My mum accidentally put mint foot talc in my bag which I put everywhere and I mean everywhere !! The bus journey back to school was a very uncomfortable one and I haven’t used talc since !

Overall this book is a fantastic debut, I give it 5/5 stars and really look forward to reading more by Andrea Darby, who may I add , is a really lovely lady who takes the time to interact with her readers. Thanks for sending me the book Andrea.



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