The Last Piece Of My Heart by Paige Toon


When life feels like a puzzle, sometimes it’s the small pieces that make up the bigger picture… Join Bridget on a journey to put her world back together.

A successful travel journalist, Bridget has ambitions to turn her quirky relationship blog about the missing pieces of her heart into a book. But after a spate of rejections from publishers, she accepts an alternative proposition.

Nicole Dupré died leaving behind a bestselling novel and an incomplete sequel. Tasked with finishing the book, Bridget is thankful to have her foot in the publishing door, even if it means relocating to Cornwall for the summer and answering to Nicole’s grieving husband, Charlie …….

My Review

A fantastic, emotional story that will pull at your heart strings.

I’ve had this book on my shelf for a couple of months and have been meaning to read it before it was released but due to blog tours and book reviews I didn’t get round to reading it until now but I do also think I was holding back because I knew I would get it read quickly and would then be left with a Paige Toon hole in my bookshelf and my heart.

I loved this story and could relate to when Bridget was describing how good Nicole’s book was because this is how I feel about all of Paige Toon’s books. They leave you with a magical glow and spark memories of the past. I can’t recommend them enough !!

This story was so amazing, it was like a story within a Story. It really had me hooked. The characters were so descriptive as were the settings. Having been to Cornwall, I could clearly picture it all especially Tintagel, which I visited a couple of years ago.

I was really inspired by Bridget, how she researched for Nicki’s book and her own blog it made me have even more admiration for authors and made me want to have a go at writing a book myself . I have recently started jotting down my dreams so maybe I could research further for a book.

I loved how Paige added Bridget’s playlist to the end of the book. I think Jess Glynne “Take Me Home” would have been a great song for this story too. I am going to add Bridget’s playlist to mine, so whenever I hear any of the songs I will be reminded of the story that stole a piece of my heart.

Thanks to @teamBATC for sending me a copy of this book.


The Inheritance by Angie Coleman


Twenty-four-year-old Ashley Morgan thinks her future is guaranteed when she takes over the reins of her family business. What could go wrong?

But when her father decides to give the job to Jamie Standley, his right-hand man, Ashley feels cheated and breaks off all ties with her father.

Three years later at the reading of her late father’s Will, she discovers to her horror that Jamie will continue to be director of Morgan & Hall, while she will only receive a small share in the business. But on one condition: that Ashley and Jamie work together and live under the same roof for a whole year…

Once again Ashley feels betrayed and cheated. To her, Jamie is an impostor and she is determined to make him pay. But forced cohabitation can sometimes have unpredictable consequences…

My Review

The synopsis and cover of this book really stood out to me and made me want to read this.

I really liked the character Jamie , Ashley portrays him as a money grabbing man (he is far from it) but at times Ashey came across as money grabbing especially when her father made Jamie the head of Morgan & Hall. Jamie came across as a kind and caring gentleman throughout the story. At times Ashley came across as a spoilt child but then as time passed , living with Jamie softened and matured her.

This story flowed well, the chapters were just the right length to keep me hooked and wanting to read one more chapter. It made for light- easy reading.

I do wish that some Jamie’s recipes featured in this book as they all sounded so delicious and tempting.

Thanks to Yasemin Turan at Aria Fiction for including me on the blog tour and to Netgalley for the arc.


Not Your Average Nurse by Maggie Groff – Blog Tour


For a young girl the life of a nurse sounds exciting, but with long hours and short shrift it’s never easy. So when Maggie Groff embarks on her training at London’s King’s College Hospital she must quickly get to grips with a demanding career. It’s sink or swim.

From the watchful gaze of stern sisters and the trials of nursing on a poor south-east London housing estate, to the explosive dramas of staff health checks at sophisticated Selfridges, Maggie shares warm and witty stories of mistakes and mayhem, tea and sympathy, and the life-affirming moments that make it all worthwhile.

Played out against the march of feminism and fashion, IRA bombings and the iconic music and movies of almost half a century ago, Not Your Average Nurse is a delightful romp through time.

My Review.

A truly inspirational story of how one young lady facing all sorts of challenges never gave up and became a nurse and a very good one at that.

Maggie wrote this book so well and was honest throughout the whole book, detailing the ins and outs of the NHS and how it wasn’t so simple to become a nurse . She had to work in all different departments to gain experience, some she liked better than others, the same applies for her colleagues – some she got on with others she didn’t – especially Dr Wolfbane (what a creep!!).

I loved reading all about the different patients especially Mr Gribble and his tattoo ! I have told many of my friends about his famous tattoo ! There were a really mixture of patients and their stories in this book. I pitied a lot of them especially poor Mr Clegg where as there were others that took up NHS beds that didn’t really need to like Mr Jones ! But back then people were hospitalised for little things – something that the NHS wouldn’t put up with today.

Whilst reading this, I would either be imagining ‘Carry On Doctor’ , ‘Call the Midwife’ or ‘The Royal’, I really got a feel for how the hospitals would have looked, felt and even smelt because of how descriptive the story was.

Thanks to Rosie Margesson at Transworld Books for sending me a proof, which I rate a well deserved 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Taking a step back

I have so much to get read, I’m kinda loosing my mojo and feeling pressured. I love reading but at the moment I feel as if it has become more of a chore which it shouldn’t.

So I’ve decided I am going to get my books read that I’m reviewing for blog tours and have them all scheduled on here,  then I am going to read whatever takes my fancy and not what I normally do …. I always feel I best read what is coming out next to review if you get my drift. I have so many books and ebooks to get through – 248 to be exact !!!

I will still be reviewing on here but won’t be requesting or buying any new books until I have at least got down to under 200 !

When I hit the 200 mark as my reward/ treat I will purchase these ;


Trust Me by Gemma Metcalfe


One phone call. Two lives. Their darkest secrets.

Lana needs to sell a holiday, fast. Stuck in Tenerife, in a dead end job, she never expected a response quite like Liam’s.

Thousands of miles away a phone rings. Liam never intended to pick up, he’s too busy choosing the quickest way to die. But at least someone should know the truth before he goes, even if that someone is a stranger.

As time runs out both are drawn to the other, expressing thoughts they never imagined they would share.

When you’re about to die will your secrets even matter?

My Review.

This books blurb captured my attention, it sounded intriguing and it didn’t fail. It had me hooked from the very first page. It is a fantastic debut, that you can feel the author put her heart and soul into.

The story follows Liam and Lana, two strangers to one another who come to rely on each other through a sales call that Lana makes. Through this one phone call, we learn so much about each characters past and how their actions make their lives a misery, yet they have to carry on for the sake of their children. Both characters carry so many secrets and when they reveal all to each other, it will make your jaw drop as it did mine

This story made me realise that the ‘nuisance’ sales calls we all get are actually someone trying to make a living. It really opened my eyes to how call operatives work.

I loved how this book was so descriptive, it made me feel like I was in the story witnessing it all as it happened. There was never any moments in this book where I felt like skim reading, it’s a real action-packed book. The chapters are short which I like in a book because it makes me want to read chapter after chapter.

I give this book a well deserved 5 stars and I can’t wait to read more from Gemma.



April in books

I was hoping to read 8 books in April but only managed 6, I blame the school holidays !! 😉

These are the books I read in April ;

I was part of the blog tours for ‘A Life Without You’ by Shari Low and ‘Lost and Found’ by Danielle Ryan. Two fantastic reads from Aria Fiction.

‘The Husband Who Refused To Die’ really taught me not to judge a book by its title because I thought it would have been a psychological thriller but it isn’t. It’s a story about cryogenics, something that amazes but also freaks me out but this book made me see it in a different light , it would make a great tv drama and I must add the author Andrea Darby is so lovely, she has become a Twitter friend who I hope one day to meet in person.

‘The A-Z of Everything’ by Debbie Johnson was also amazing. So different from Debbie’s other books but it worked so well. I even did my review A-Z style which was actually quite hard to think up words that relate to the story.

‘The Stolen Child’ by Sanjida Kay, had me gripped, it’s a real edge of your seat story that will keep you guessing till the very end. I even lent it to my 80 year old nan, who loved it too.

‘The Light We Lost’ by Jill Santopolo- I loved this story. It reminded me of ‘One Day’, I could see it being turned into a film for sure.

How many books have you read this month ? Any recommendations?