Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon


Maddy is allergic to the world; stepping outside the sterile sanctuary of her home could kill her. But then Olly moves in next door. And just like that, Maddy realizes there’s more to life than just being alive. You only get one chance at first love. And Maddy is ready to risk everything, everything to see where it leads.

My Review

A story that will teach you the meaning of life, this story is one that will stay with you forever. Perfect for fans of John Green.

My daughter and I had recently had a discussion about what it would be like to be allergic to everything, so when I saw ‘Everything Everything’ advertised in the school newsletter where I work, I knew I had to read it !

This story follows Maddy who is allergic to the outside world so she is confined to her house with only her mum and nurse Carla for company. So when Olly ‘the boy next door’ appears, life gets frustrating and complicated for Maddy.

Maddy’s condition made me feel grateful of the life I have – yet in another way I felt envious of how simple her life was. She didn’t have to go to school/work, she didn’t have to worry about making sure her hair and make-up was perfect, she could sit at home all day, everyday and read (my idea of bliss) ! I am a real home bird- like Dorothy once said “there’s no place like home”.

I loved the illustrations, they made the story a lot clearer by enabling me to see how Maddy saw things. I did predict the ending but I still absolutely loved the whole story – it was like putting a jigsaw together you know what the end picture will look like but you still enjoy completing it.



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