The Hideaway by Sheila O’Flanagan



What would you do if you discovered you were living a lie?

When a shocking news report shatters Juno Ryan’s world, she suddenly finds herself without the man she loves – and with no way of getting the answers she needs.

Juno flees to the enchanting Villa Naranja in Spain. The blue skies and orange groves – along with Pep, the local winemaker’s handsome son – begin to soothe her broken heart. But just when she begins to feel whole again, another bombshell drops.

Juno might have run away from her secrets, but the past isn’t finished with her…

My review  

A perfect summer read that will leave you feeling like you have had a holiday!! 

I really enjoyed this book, it’s the second Sheila O’Flanagan book I’ve read and will definitely be reading more. Sheila O’Flanagan books are addictive and full of surprises. 

The main character Juno, has escaped to Spain to heal her broken heart and although I was reading it in my garden in the Uk, the setting was described so well that I felt like I was in Spain (the heatwave we are having helped) and when there was a bad storm in the book I actually felt jealous as we so desperately need some rain ! I really liked the character Juno, she  made things look brighter even with a cloud hanging over her head. I imagined the sexy pool cleaner Pep to look like Enrique Iglesias. He added a spark to Juno – in more ways than one ! Speaking of Pep, I suddenly remembered a Spanish waited called Peppe from a childhood holiday to Spain , I love how a good book can bring memories flooding. 

Thanks to Becky Hunter at Headline for sending me a proof copy. 


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