I am an avid reader , I have been ever since I could read. When I was younger I would spend hours at my local library choosing books much to my friends dismay. I always remember the day the librarian told my mum I could have 10 books out at a one time, kid in a sweet shop springs to mind !! All my christmas’s had come at once.

I love reading chick lit, romance and the occasional thriller. My favourite author ever is Paige Toon. I have so many books to read but I still keep buying them. Books are my escape from the real world, when I am reading I forget my anxieties and become one of the characters in the book and it always seems to be someone who is laid back and down to earth the opposite of me, in other words it’s who I want to become.

People always say to me ‘how do you get time to read with 2 children, a job and housework ?’ , simple I make time to read, I mostly read in the bath and in the evenings but if a book gets me hooked I will read in the day providing my children are okay.

I hope you enjoy my blog as much as I enjoy blogging.


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